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Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:
Oo interesting, I've never seen Escavalier come up as a favourite Pokémon before :o I find it funny how their description says "They fly around at high speed, striking with their pointed spears." and yet it's base Speed is only 20 lmao. But yeah, it is a pretty cool looking Pokémon and it's certainly unique, but do you know how it fares in battle? It's not a Pokémon I've ever had a chance to use so it'd be interesting to find out what it's like if you've tried it :D
Well, I'm not a competitive battler so this is what I experienced with it. It's very aggressive (for me) & it did me good when I battled a few later Gym Leaders. I do agree with your sense about the Pokedex's entry on Escavalier xD.

Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:
Edit: I designed a userbar, hope it's okay! :3 Just ask if anyone wants it re-sized c:



Edit 2: Also made a 500px wide one to fit my sig so I'll post the code here too incase anyone else wants it x]


Thanks so much, Ozzy. You're now the point leader in this club. Keep on going .

Quote originally posted by υ Shivam:
Username : υ Shivam

Partner Pokemon : aggron and metagross

Answer to current topic :
don't really know my favorite steel type.
I like so many of them.
Well i guess i like metagross the most :/

Welcome to the club, Shivam. Hope u huv a fun & enjoyable time here. See ya~

Quote originally posted by υ Shivam:
It's not like i like metagross soo much.
I said metagross cuz i was confused which pokemon i should choose.
I like a lot of steel types.
Lucario, Aggron, Bronzong, Escavalier, Registeel, Empoleon and a lot more.
Only steel i don't like are Forretrees, mawile, Skarmory and Wormadam.
Reason i don't like these are
Forretrees : disagn is weird.
Mawile : disagn is weird.
Skarmory : disagn is scray =P
Wormadam : disagn is weird.
You're back xD & I do believe the word 'dasagn' is supposed to be 'design'. I do agree with that part about Mawile of yours. That Pokemon just creeps me out even though I like Steel types.

Quote originally posted by ShinyUmbreon189:
My favorite steel type is Scizor. I like other ones as well like Aggron, Meagross, and Skarmory those are my top 3 after. I like Scizor because it's been one of my favorite Pokemon for a long time and its attack is brutal.
Yay for Scizor, thanks for the comment, bud. I do have a Scizor with me in HGSS & it served me well.