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welcome to the club mid and aryan!!
Quote originally posted by Rainbow Arcanine:
Welcome Avishka to the club :3! Nice pictures you have there,I'll add one to the main post :D. I've always loved Mismagius too I don't know why either. Maybe because of it's stunning appearance and the fact that it's a decent well-rounded Pokemon.
i have to agree that Mismagius is stunning :D but i don't like shiny Mismagius

Quote originally posted by Rainbow Arcanine:
Gengar is awesome too, but seriously those Pokedex Entries can get creepy . Yep, it was the original ghost Pokemon and definitely a powerhouse.
yeah :D
A pokedex entry of gengar :
Gengar, the Shadow Pokémon. Gengar is the final evolved form of Gastly. It can absorb any surrounding heat, leaving a sudden chill.

Quote originally posted by Rainbow Arcanine:
Ghost types are definitely a cool type,all of us here think that . Welcome and I hope you'll enjoy it here xD!
thanks and i 'll definitely have fun here! xD