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Originally Posted by ChaosBringer41 View Post
I don't know if I'm asking in the right section (I got a headache trying to read the rules/FAQ). Anyway:
This belongs in the general ROM hacking discussion thread, as opposed to here.

Originally Posted by ChaosBringer41 View Post
1) Can you - or anyone else - tell me how to upgrade the Pokedex in Pokemon Ruby, so that any non-Hoenn Pokemon are properly registered in the Pokedex pre-Elite Four?
They are correctly registered, you just can't see them because they're not part of the Hoenn Dex. The easiest thing to do is to extend Ruby's Hoenn dex to include all the other Pokémon. I don't know precisely how to do that off the top of my head.

Originally Posted by ChaosBringer41 View Post
2) On one of my 'this is how I'd like Pokemon Ruby to be like' hacks, I used a patch to put an old man in the intro instead of Professor Birch. The patch's name was Mr Fuji. According to my scribbled notes, I got it from PokeCommunity, but nothing on who made it. Any ideas? (I tried searching, but couldn't find it)
I highly doubt anyone will be able to help you.

And, so this post is actually on subject, these 2 hacks will probably have been of great use to many people. I hope you have more cool stuff up your sleeve, Darthatron!
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