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Originally Posted by Thomas View Post
Maybe we don't need it, but there are new Pokemon fans every day. We've played the game, and now it's their turn. Remember, its been almost ten years since those games were originally released. These 6,7,8,9,10 year olds may have never gotten to play those games.

But the bottom line is these series makes money. Its about the money. If they can update a game and put a full price tag on it. They will.
While money is important for a bussiness , game freak is not the type to put a game out there just for the money. If they put something out its because they believe its a good fun quality game, and its because of that they make tons of money. I think it's because satoshi tajiri has a form of Autism. What I mean by that is , the world we live in is full of bad influences and mostly all the that rubs off on children who grow up to care only about money cough cough ( Mitt Romney) but I think because of his situation he focused on something that he loved and he wanted to bring that to every one.Pokémon Red and Green took six years to produce, and nearly bankrupted Game Freak in the process; often, there was barely enough money to pay the employees.Five employees quit, and Tajiri did not take a salary, instead living off of his father's income.Investment from Creatures Inc. allowed Game Freak to complete the games, and in return, Creatures received one-third of the franchise rights.

I'm telling you I have great respect for this guy and what he has created.

So if some type of remake comes out ,we can Guarantee its gonna be a Superior quality game