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Sir Aaron Reiki II & Lucario

Aaron was... Sore. Was that enough to describe it? Maybe not. He felt as if he'd just been hit by a Lairon stampede. Ouch. His stomach began to form a rather painful-looking welt. He attempted to lift himself only to find that any bend of his torso would only upset his injuries. Though, remarkably, he let out a faint chuckle. "Heh... Heh..." His voice was somewhat hazed by the attack, which made it sound only more soft. "I guess... We need to work on dodging, huh Lucario?" He tilted his head all the way back to see Charles among them now. Was he really out that long?

Lucario sighed in slight relief. Only Aaron would joke around after an injury like that. He hadn't looked up from Aaron since arriving with Charlie. Anyone paying close enough attention could see that the Lucario was actually beginning to cry.

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