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I've knocked up a new design for the Library (still in small screen mode, but it works well enough like that). See attached. The deck tab (the grey one at the top right) is only shown during deck-building, and the name/numbers at the top would be changed to the deck's name/size at the same time (and a number put in each tab to show quantities of its cards in the deck). The filter buttons need redesigning to show suitable options (which will be different in each tab, and probably missing altogether in the Energy tab). The colour scheme also needs changing. I'm not sure whether icons-only is a good idea; even if it looks nice, the clarity/meaning may suffer.

As for navigation, when you enter it you'll be at the "top", where you can switch between tabs. Pressing C dives you into the current tab to scroll through the cards within. Pressing Z while in a tab puts your cursor onto the filter icons at the bottom, most of which will show pop-up menus upon pressing C containing the appropriate filter options therein - pressing C therein toggles a filter. The list updates automatically after any filter is toggled. There will be a "cancel all filters" button. Filters will be persistent, even after closing the Library (unless we decide they should only be persistent while in the Library screen instead). Pressing X, of course, goes back. List sorting will always be in alphabetical order.

If mouse support ever gets into this thing, this design fully supports it.

Originally Posted by P-Sign View Post
Coding an AI is not something I'd do. It will take so many time that can be spent way better. Players have to think ahead of the game, predict what their opponent is going to do and make strategical choices. I don't know if these can be done by the AI, but I am sure it will not be flawless and it will take a lot of time. A good example can be found on, the official online simulator of the Pokémon TCG. The AI there is bad if not terrible.
Thanks for your words of support.

Originally Posted by hansiec View Post
I know a small basis of coding AIs I have done it before in GM for an RTS test and currently a platformer for interactions with items such as vehicles, ladders, weapons, ect. This seems a little more complicated as I barely know the rules of the TCG, I might attempt a small basis after I learn the rules fully, and alongside of that I am pretty well in RTS games so thinking of good combos for more advanced AIs will be easy for me. I will take a look at the rules again and I will make a demo of what I can make.
The big challenge will be to make the computer "look ahead" and make plans. It's not so bad if you just want it to react to what's there right now. As for actual strategies, that's way out there.

If possible, I'd like to not have the AI do things in an ordered manner (i.e. always play Pokémon first and always play trainers last). However, that would be complicated.

Maybe this is how Skynet will begin...
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