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Quote originally posted by AdrianD:
What Gen four are you giving away?
It's clearly in my sig to check the 1st page!!
Quote originally posted by NecrumWarrior:
Thanks for the Pokemon! Sorry I didn't post sooner, but it was late and I had to sleep...
It's fine, I just needed a way to post again!!
Quote originally posted by Rainy Garden of Fire:
Hello? Out of all of these, which ones haven't been taken? Well, I'll take them all...if they can pass Pokecheck. (Has it been checked yet? If not, may I check it by myself? If you'd allow me to do so, use this FC:3052 2904 8141)

Totodile lv1 *Shiny*
Tyranitar lv100 *Shiny* [COLOR=blue !important][COLOR=blue !important]JPN[/COLOR][/COLOR] PKRS
Flygon lv100 *Shiny* JPN PKRS
Feebas lv1 *Shiny* JPN PKRS
Granbull lv23 *Shiny* JPN PKRS
Delibird lv1 *Shiny* JPN
Geodude lv1 *Shiny JPN
Voltorb lv30 *Shiny* JPN
Snorunt lv31 *Shiny* JPN
Charmander lv1 *Shiny*
Chimchar lv1 *Shiny*

My retail HeartGold's FC is in my signature. Thanks!

They have not been check they were given to me by a friend that didn't have the heart to toss them and I do not need them and you are more than welcome to check them!!

My Trading Thread ---> HERE
I Clone 6th Gen.
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