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Username: AlexOzzyCake
Competition: #1

Description: Made her more feminine with reds and pinks and made it look more like she's floating through the air, plus she looked weird without legs so I added some to float behind her as she glides :3

Username: AlexOzzyCake
Competition: #3

Description: She has a neon pink hair clip, a lime green cocktail and a red & yellow jewelled waist-scarf. :D

Hope they're okay! Gardevoir was the only sprite I had saved on my computer whilst the internet was down so I used it for both entries. x]

Approved, good job gettin' them all done!

Username: Soaringsomeone
Contest: #1 - Repose

A true warrior through and through, Scizor continues to fight even as her once prized armor is ripped away by enemies and rusts from the onslaught of time. She may not remember her reasons, but she understands her duties.

Approved, Nice thought with the rust!

Username: Punnagg
Competition: Eeveelutator
Description: Its a watch given to hold to eeveelutions to increase their stats by a little. It contains all eeveelutions colours i.e. the nos on watch are red for Flareon, hands are blue for Vaporeon, watch is yellow for Jolteon, outline is black for Umbreon, centre is purple for Espeon & the decorations in clock are for Leafeon & Glaceon.

Approved, nice job with the edit.

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