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Originally Posted by Darkywyvern View Post
Hi everyone,

I'm Darkywyvern. I joined the forum today, but was visiting it as a 'guess member' since couple month.

I like the pokemon's games, but I have no interrest in tha anime and manga. My favorite would be the 4th gen, well the Platinum one: I never played D or P. I didn't really enjoyed B/W because it bugs me that the pokemon keeps moving during the battle. I know you really don't care, but my favorite pokemon are probably Espeon, Vaporeon and Miltank.

I'm particulary interest in the spriting and hacking section. Planning to start a hack, so I'm currently slowly learning the basics, mostly for fun, no rush. I like spriting thing too. Not much experience in Pokemon though, more Fire Emblem stuff.
Heya Darky, welcome to PC, So, you have been a lurker for a few months? Most members here were too. I'm MidnightShine, pleased to meet you. I'm known as B2W2's Biggest Fan but you can call me Mid .

You likey Platinum, go here. There's lots oh 4th Gen fans like you over there.

Spriting? Hacking? I'm your best bud then, these two are my fav hobbies, especially spriting. If you ever need help in these two sections, contact me, will ya?

I'm a chatty person FYI, VM me at my page if you wanna chat. I'm also a friend request accepter & I don't bite, so send me one anytime.



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