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I thought this was a very fun PC event! :D
So anyway my entry:

Well hello my long awaited Pokecommunity......

I see the Mods aren't doing their job (as usual) anyway wonderful seeing me put this Fourm to a garbage heap! For those of you who posted nasty and mean VMs on my profile well guess what. You have a wonderful surprise. Permanent Ban Immediately have fun with that!
Dear, Pokecommunity I have something to say to all the m
embers : Today I’m in a bad mood so that means anyone who views my profile gets permanent ban! Also don’t you dare talk back to me or I’ll get the trusty old Ban Hammer! I’m also making new profile changes. You know have to Have a 40 px X 40px avatar, A 100 px X 100 px profile picture and NO SIGNATURES I’m also fireng all the Mods and staff because I don’t trust anyone. I’m making the PC supporters donate $100 per month. Then I will make normal members be PC supporters and donate $100 too!
till next time or if I ban you - Lerroux