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Quote originally posted by WolfOfEve:
I for one can't wait for the RolePlay Awards to return. As much as I liked the idea of the RPOs I (and possibly others) was unable to gain the extra time required to put forth that effort. The RPAs are a personal preference to me because, to participate, you don't have to do much of anything, other than your regular RP habits.

As for the RPAs, I had an idea. One of the main issues with it is that, statistically, a larger RP might yield more votes as opposed to a smaller one. This is because people often don't pay attention to an RP they aren't involved in, which also includes the characters within those other RPs, and possibly even the RPers themselves.

My thoughts are this: Would it be possible for us to devise some solution to this problem? Something that could give every RP, every character, and every RPer an equal opportunity at earning an award in the RPAs.


That said, I nominate Supervegeta as the best RP.

I do believe that problem has been remedied a while ago when there was a panel of judges created that handle the RPA nomination process. RPA wins are no longer by votes but instead are voted upon by the judges, though nominations are taken into account.


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