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B]Competition:[/B] #2
Description: This is the Blazing Broche. It is a held item that doubles the Attack and Special Attack of All pokemon with the ability Blaze.

The canvas size is too large; it needs to be a max of 24x24 pixels.
Also, a reminder that the theme of the item contest was "time".

Username: Aryan143
Competition: #3
Description: Salamence now have Hot Pink wings, Lime Green Tail and Spectacles for his eyes.

The spectacles are good. However, the recolor of the wings and tail is not considered an accessory. Check the link in the main thread in the third contest section and it will direct you to the list and pictures of accessories from the games, on Then, without copying those accessories, get a feel for what an accessory is. It is basically an object that is worn or held on to, it could be copied and pasted onto any of the 649 pokemon, rather than conforming to the outline of one specific pokemon such as salamance. You still have time to edit these entries, I hope this helps

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