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Through our endless struggle to "catch'em all", we come across a Pokémon that we simply cannot part with. Either because we worked so hard to breed/train it, or we bargained our way to win the ultimate prize. Do you have a Trophy Pokémon you value more than others in your collection? If so, how did you come across it? If you've yet to come across it, what kind of Pokémon would you like to add to your trophy case?

I've never really had a Trophy Pokémon, besides an event Mew I RNG'd. It's so cute and pink. I would always keep it in my party. I think I've only traded once before, but I have a really crappy memory. Idk. However, there is one mon out there that I would keep locked away forever, if it ever became available, and that is a wild Celebi. Not hacked of course.
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