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Song: Tik Tok by Ke$ha -
Parody: Tick Tock (It's Kanto Time)
(terrible title, I know)

Wake up in the morning on my tenth birthday
(What up, red?)
Grab my backpack, I'm out the door, goin' on a journ-ay
(Lets go)
Before I leave, go and visit that professor Oak,
Now I can leave Pallet Town, with my brand new poke...

(I will melt) Lorelei's icy mons, mons
Psychic that Hitmonchan, chan
Quaking ghosts all day long, long
(*gen, one hacks!*)
(We're sweeping) the "dra-gon" mas-ter Lance,
Doin' a vict-or-y dance,
To the champion we can now adddd-vaaance.

Let's rock, beating Brock
No way we will never stop
All night, I'mma fight
Cuz I need to prove my might.
Get my pokes, from my bag
Now let's get that second badge.

(Mi-i-isty! We'll de-feat the!)

Staryu, well that's cute
Bulba, take care of this brute
After, we'll save Bill
Get a ticket, cuz he's chill.
Oh look, Gary's here.
And he's grinning ear to ear.

(uh-oh, uh-oh, my level's too low!)

Ain't got a care in the world, as I leave Nugget bridge.
Gotta go help a family out, cuz someone stole their dig!
Aw man, it's team rocket again, I met them in Mt. Moon
And while they think they're super cool, they're just a bunch of dumb goons.

(I'm talking about) "Oh no I dropped the (lift) key, key
Killin' Cubone's mom-my, my
Gonna take down Giovanni, ni
(*Yes, we will!*)
Now, now, we'll go and rescue Silph Co, Co
Take down those rocket bros, bros
Take down rocket bros, bros
Good bye rocket (bros)

Got flash, cuz we smashed
Surge, once we dug through his trash.
Grass types, see the light
From our flamethrower, tonight.
Four gyms, just like that
Now let's beat the other half, woah

(Ko-o-o-ga! Sa-a-brin-a!)

Bike path, makes me laugh
Those koffings were just a snack.
Koga, the main dish
You were served with 4 psychics,
Two gyms in saffron?
Well you both are going down, woah

(Six cool badg-es! Only two left!)

(My mons,) I train them up,
You beat them down
My heart, it pounds
"AH, It's Gary!"

So, let's begin
Will my pokes win?
There's your snide grin
Can I beat you?

(Gary,) you beat my team
You make me train
Is it in vain?
No, I beat you!

I beat Gary,
You lost Gary
You lost Gary

Now, the battle don't start til I say go...

Poor Blaine, what a shame
That I had to make it rain,
With my, Poliwrath
Using surf, as I just laugh
Last badge, here we go
Viridian city, ho!

(Gi-o-van-ni! It, it is me!)

E4, what a bore
Sweepin' pokemon galore
Oh Lance, not a chance,
Now just please let me advance,
Gary, yeah it's me,
Sorry, I had to defeat (you)


Whew, that was intense. But fun! :D