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Grass: Simisage. Had it in B&W, was awsome.
Fire: Blaziken. My first starter i chose was Torchic. Love this so much!
Water: Milotic. Just beautiful.
Flying: Staraptor. Pidgeot can't use Brave Bird or Close Combat.
Normal: Meowth. I <3 him in the anime.
Fighting: Blaziken. See above.
Psychic: Medicham. Got up to Master Rank in contests with it.
Dragon: Garchomp. Great moveset.
Ground: Garchome. See above.
Ice: Froslass. Ice and ghost. Only time those 2 are combined.
Bug: Wurmple. First pokemon I caught.
Steel: Skarmory. It looks cool.
Rock: Boldore. HUGE help in B&W.
Electric: Elektross. No weaknesses.
Poison: Toxicroak. Helpful in D&P.
Dark: Spiritomb. See Elektross.
Ghost: Sabelye. See Spiritomb.