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Hello slaves members of PC!

I've got some great news for you all...

You read for it? No?

How about now? No?

Now? No? To bad. I'm not waiting anymore. And if you complain, I'll ban you... permanently.

After spending a few minutes thinking of this, I've decided to sell the site to Bulbapedia. I've done this for a multitude of reasons. 1), Despite all my hard work the staff of this site still refuse to do their jobs properly. 2), Even after replacing the server with a better, and much cheaper, server bought used from Ebay, we are still experiencing server issues (Again, blame the admins and mods of this site.) and 3) This site is no longer profitable. When I first purchased the site, we were receiving more donations. Now, I am no longer making enough money from the donations to justify investing my time into the site (Again, blame the admins and mods. I've noticed a direct relation between the quality of their work and the amount of donations. As their work gets sloppier, we receive less donations.)

While I could get rid of the current staff and find new ones, a large portion of the current staff would no doubt try to start a forum wide riot.

When I purchased this site, I expected a worthwhile investment that would return a small profit. Really though, this site is essentially a boat. And you know what boat means? Bust out another thousand. This site has been nothing but a pit that I had to threw a few thousand nickels at. This just hasn't been a worthwhile investment.

So, long story short, because of the idiocy of this sites staff I have no choice but to sell the site.

The sale will be finalized sometime next week, and the site will officially change ownership sometime around mid October.

Have a nice day.

- Lerroux
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