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"What are you kids doing? You shouldn't meddle in our affairs!" the strange man said as he prepared an attack on the Professor. "Now Patrat use Tackle and capture the Professor." Leon smirked as he looked down at Snivy, "Don't be looking down on us kids, old man. Even an ant can move a mountain with enough force. Snivy intercept with a tackle." Snivy nods its head and slams its head into the side of the attacking Patrat. "Children, please don't battle on my behalf. Go get help!" said the Professor in a panic. "No thanks, prof. I want to get my contest journey on the road as soon as possible. So instead of telling us to run why don't you tell us about our 'current' partners attacks." said Leon pulling up data on his laptop on Snivy. "According to what I've seen, the Snivy that you have can use Tackle, Tail Whip, and the egg move Leaf Blade" Professor Juniper explained to Leon.

"Leaf Blade, Snivy!" shouted Leon. Snivy's tail glowed green as it slashed at the Patrat. "That Leaf Blade was really good." said Professor Juniper. Leon's face had a look of disgust. "That Leaf Blade was really ugly. Don't use that move again until I find a contest way to use it." both Professor Juniper and Snivy looked at Leon in shock. While Snivy was distracted, the Patrat recovered and used Tackle again. Snivy was hit, but then jumped in the air and flipped to the ground. "That movement just now was good." said an astonished Leon. "That Snivy is very agile and can do moves like that with ease." said Professor Juniper. "Alright I just thought of a way to make that Leaf Blade less ugly."

"Snivy, jump into the air and come down with a Leaf Blade!" Snivy's eyes shined as she recognized what her trainer's intention. Snivy jumped into the air with a flip and came down with her glowing tail. "That blade is nothing to our force! Patrat use Tackle against that Leaf Blade." Patrat obeyed its owner's commands and jumped into a Tackle attack. However, once the moves collided Patrat was easily defeated by the Leaf Blade as if its Tackle had no power behind it. "How can that be!?" shouted the man looking at his Patrat that could barely stand. "Simple, by having Snivy come down from the air with her Leaf Blade, I added more force and power to her attack. That's why your Tackle looked like it did nothing, because we pushed its effects away with our stronger force. That's what you would call the 'Falling Leaf' and it was our first beautiful contest attack." Leon said as he and Snivy stood proud. "He figured all that out just from seeing Snivy's agile movements? This child must have been studying contest maneuvers and moves for quite a long time to create such a thing in such a small gap of time." Professor Juniper thought as she watched Leon and Snivy stand proudly. "So you still want to battle, old man?"
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