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Lerroux? Ah, he was my student in the quest for world domination. Here is my story:

All members must first of all add the word "Bear" to their username. To make this easy for the server, we shall delete all existing members so far. This should make live simple for you close minded homo sapiens. The word bear must also be included in usertitles and signatures. Failure to do so will result in an instant perma-ban.

Secondly, everytime a member logs in, he or she must go to a new section of the forum entitled "Winnie The Pooh Shrine" where members will make a post praising me, the site's ruler. Any post that especially catches my eye will be rewarded.

Third, if one wishes to gain supporter-ship, he/she must buy me a jar of honey via paypal. Every quart is equal to a tier, so 5 quarts will make you a tier 5.

Fourth, everyone must within a month of entering buy a teddy bear and post a picture of him/herself with said bear. This is mandatory. My reasoning is mine alone, unless you're one of the lucky members who I told my story to via IRC. Gummy bears are optional, but a very nice second.

Fifth, every member must memorize the lyrics to the following song. I will personally test you on this exam via Skype. You shall fail if you get more then 10 lines wrong, which shall result in a perma ban.


Lastly, every December we shall shut down the community. Since I'm hibernating, no one can run the site. Period.