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Banned because you went to Temporal Tower and found a Monster House...

Me: Phew. I guess I escaped them...
Electivire: (TRANSLATED) Nope, not at all.
Me: What? Seriously? Oh! Temporal Tower! Strange...I didn't think I entered the Hidden Land. I guess that's where I should go to hide...and I have to stop them from taking Dialga's Diamond! It can stop time forever!
... ... ...
Magmortar: (TRANSLATED) Huff...puff...Did you get him?
Electivire: (TRANSLATED) Uh, no...He ran away to the Temporal Tower. And I was waiting you for half an hour! What kept you so long?
Magmortar: (TRANSLATED) Huff...There was this Shadow Pokemon...and I just had to take him down.
Electivire: (TRANSLATED) Because of you, he's gone deep inside! I'll say that he's already down to Temporal Spire! Wait, what? A Shadow Pokemon? I thought Cipher's been beat!
Magmortar: (TRANSLATED) Puff...Was I wrong? For sure, it had wings...and it looked like a centipede...
Electivire: (TRANSLATED) Hey, that's Giratina! He was flying to Temporal Tower, right? He must be looking for his relative, Dialga!
Magmortar: (TRANSLATED) I think so. Let's chase it!
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