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I've been trying to add some new Trainer Types of the same person(But in different outfits), all day today and always end up getting this weird error message;
Pokemon Essentials
Exception: RuntimeError

Message: Field is not a positive integer

File PBS/trainertypes.txt, line 1

Compiler:219:in `csvPosInt!'

Compiler:476:in `pbGetCsvRecord'

Compiler:472:in `each'

Compiler:472:in `pbGetCsvRecord'

Compiler:1330:in `pbCompileTrainers'

Compiler:1329:in `pbCompilerEachPreppedLine'

Compiler:632:in `each_line'

Compiler:632:in `pbCompilerEachPreppedLine'

Compiler:629:in `open'

Compiler:629:in `pbCompilerEachPreppedLine'

This exception was logged in ./errorlog.txt.

Press Ctrl+C to copy this message to the clipboard.

Been checking line 1 of Trainer Types and I can't really find any errors, all I did was place "1,PkMnTRAINER_Male,PkMn Trainer,100,,,,Male" (Without quotations) about 4 times or so to show the different outfits. Putting it back again to the original PkMnTRAINER_male and PkMnTRAINER_Female seems to fix the problem, only it doesn't have the changes I wanted it to have, and editing the trainers would give me some stupid gsub class similar to this one;

Exception: NoMethodError Message: private method `gsub' called for nil:NilClass Compiler:2594:in `safequote' Compiler:3715:in `pbConvertToTrainerEvent' Compiler:2838:in `pbCompileTrainerEvents' Compiler:2833:in `each' Compiler:2833:in `pbCompileTrainerEvents' Compiler:2828:in `each' Compiler:2828:in `pbCompileTrainerEvents' Compiler:3938:in `pbCompileAllData' Compiler:4034

Only the one I have(Which I'm kinda too tired out to replicate right now considering it took me 4 Trainer Type tries, and 2 Meta data ones trying to solve this.) occurs right after I finish making a new Trainer Battle. The error ends up erasing my Trainer Types for some reason, then when trying to replace it with the old one, again, brings up the positive integer error from above like an annoying piece of a puzzle that constantly fits, then changes shape.
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