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What kinda special features would you guys want ? Which characters from other generations would you like to see?
Personally I'd like an enhanced menu that we saw in HG/SS along with the follow me feature. Also I'd think it be cool if we saw some of the Seven Sages we didn't see in BW2. I think it was said they were strong trainers collected from many different regions , maybe one of them was from Hoen. I would also like some post game side story that gives more story to Archie and Max. Wouldn't it be cool if it was possible after you become champion you can watch over your fathers gym( let's say every Friday) and take on challengers kinda like the battle facility? Also I would want them to comment on the timeline such as The events in R/B taking place years ago.

Think about it can kinda be a R/B remake to. You know how in HG/SS you have rematches with the gym leaders after you get there numbers? Well instead of a PWT like in BW2 we meet Kanto leaders around hoen post game. The thing is they would be part of the post game plot. So once you finish there story they could give you there number for a rematch. But get this they would have updated appearances ( look older or at least different clothing) and during there side quest , we can be shown flashbacks( memory link style) to show us what's happening in Kanto (X) amount of years after gen 2

Something like this would be awesome