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Game - Pokemon Ruby
Task - How add new Pokedex Entries for 27 empty Pokemon Slots... I know how add new Pokemon to that slots... But when I catch them i have crash becouse those Pokemons do not have Pokedex Entries... Some one can help me with this?

" How do you make pokemon appear that arent in grass? like your in a forest and theirs no grass but when you walk wild pokemon appear. "

You can do it easier PokemonMaster... Go to Advanced Map and in the FOREST click in the Map Detalis... In there change type from Road to Cave... And presto... Pokemon start atacking you during walking throught forest without grass.
- During Centuries... Whole worlds try keep in survive... Beafore the space start existing... In chaos eye appeared two eggs... One of mighty pokemon Arceus... Secound with less known Rejishan... Those two pokemon start build their worlds in other warps... Rejishan lose him mission... And undone world named now was TORN WORLD where now live Giratina... Arceus create world with Pokemons where live everywhere alongside with humans... What do Arceus after fail of Rejishan? He give him able to live in him world... But Rejishan want create something which been himself... And from biggest dessert upper than Unova Region start creating new region... This region is Thonsu... New species of Pokemons start locate at their region... Arceus fell angry... But forgive Rejishan and make with him friendship... But now... Is no one know... Rejishan hide in human body... Human name of Thonsu Creator is Sir Allan Newlight... - MYTH ABOUT REJISHAN (Pokemon Dirty Sun plot)


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