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Quote originally posted by DaleH771:
Ive tested Johtomap as a map and event editor for a Pokemon Silver ROM, I like the tool, its amazing for map editing.

However, I face a few issues, such as Map name changing (To a custom name), some issues with tileset editing but the main problem is events. I do not know how to add my own events and ARGH.

Is there an alternative to Johtomap people can link me to please? I searched but can't find anything... Cheers!

Johtomap supports doing most stuff and is actually the best map editor out for Gold and Silver. I do things such as changing area names with a hex editor along with all the event data editing which I just finish with Johtomap.

If you're going to make an overhaul of G/S, you're going to have to learn to deal with lots of "problems" you wouldn't run into when hacking 3rd gen games (such as space for writing data and such). I've made several video tutorials in youtube so you may want to check them out (others in skeetendo inc. have said they're good so I could as well favour them to you too).

My Rom Hack

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-The video set uses Pokemon Silver (U) rom for demonstrations