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Pokemon: Shrouds of Darkness

Plot: In the Pokemon world, there is a certain place known as: The Forbidden Cave. In this cave, lies the legendary pokemon Giratina, guardian of the Dimension Gate. This gate, separates the gap between the positive and the negative dimension. Opening the dimension gate, would lead one into the Unknown Realm and soon into the negative dimension. In the negative dimension, there’s chaos everlasting and darkness. No one dares to enter or open the gates to the negative dimension, for once the gate to the negative dimension is opened, negative energy will leak out. This will affect the time gears and may and will rupture the fabric of space. It would take the power of the Seven Stones of Stelven, sealed in the Ancient Shrine of Darkness to close the Dimension gate. Many say the Ancient Shrone of Darkness is in the negative dimension, but this is not true. Only few have made it to the Ancient Shrine of Darkness. Spiritomb guards the seven stones in this shrine. This shrine is located within the Mysterious Cave within the Unknown Forest

An evil wizard by the name of Sentor has had vengeance and jealousy in his heart, after his father failed at taking over the Pokemon world. He plans to open the dimension gate, shroud the pokemon world in darkness and rule in a world where he is king and he controls everything and there is chaos nonstop.

A group of seven trainers has been chosen by Arceus to attempt to stop Sentor. They each have the power of one type depending on their personality and traits. Once the time has come to face Sentor, the seven trainers will be transformed into what is known as their “inner pokemon”. This pokemon is determined by the type, personality and traits. The trainers must make it to the cave, get the seven stones before enough negative energy has spread to cause the world to shroud slowly in darkness and chaos, and ultimately, defeat Sentor.


1. No godmodding, no OP moves (i.e. Kyle rushed in and killed Sentor in one blow.)
2. No profanity
3. Stay on top of the roleplay. Try to enter every day, or every other day, but no longer
4. No slandering

To enter, you must enter your trainer profile as follows

Pokemon Type

I am the first trainer so there are six slots left

Name: Steller
Age: 18
Background: Steller grew up in a middle class family. He earned his first pokemon at age 3, a Pichu. He founded while exploring in the backyard of his house. Ever since, this pokemon has been his lead companion. It is now a Raichu.
Personality: Steller is a cheerful person. He is well known for his silly laugh. He is always found with his friends and always wants to help people.
Pokemon Type: Electric
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Call me Steller

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