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A theme for legendaries that I have explored in my fakemon project, is nature and pollution.

There would be mascot legendaries representing the life force/biology (Grass/Steel) and the electromegnetic and gravitational force (Electric/Ground), in the Groudon/Kyogre league.

There would be a greenpeace-like villainous team by the name Team Gaia, initially merely wanting to control these aspects of nature, but later going to the extreme of wanting to destroy the planet so it can renew.

The third one would be a Poison/Rock legendary of destruction and pollution as powerful as Rayquaza, which when awakened would cause havoc. Meaning in the third version/sequels you would have to team up with your rival, each catching one of the nature legends, and confront this thing in a 2vs1 battle

My point is, if I can come up with an interesting set of legendaries that involves a Poison type, then gamefreak can.

And of course a Poison legendary might also simply show up in a regular trio if it was fitting.