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I wish you a Merry Christmas!! (or CHRIStmas)
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Day 6 entry (day 3 for me)

This moment represents my return to the anime actually and why I'm still watching it now. The episode Enter Elesa, Electrifying Gym Leader! ,was my first episode in years. I stopped watching the dub after Diamond and Pearl cause I hated the new voices too much. I had no way to watch the Japanese version so I missed an entire series. Then one day I heard that the 15th season , Rival Destinies , would be premiering. For some reason I wanted to give the anime another go. So I recorded the first episode on my DVR and watched it.That episode convinced the anime was still good after all, despite the bad new voices. The emotional story and deeper plot (such as Team Rocket being more than comic relief as mentioned in my entry for yesterday) is why I'm still watching now after at least 4 years of not watching.

Source:Bulbapedia though I re-sized so it would be under 500x500. (hoping that's OK)

Merry Christmas everyone!
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