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@Lunacrest: Alright. I'm happy to say that I'm ready to approve you for the roleplay. You can get started whenever you want.

@Everyone: BW2 really added a bunch of really awesome looking moves to Eelektross' movepool, some of which I very much wished would've been around when I'd made Arcea. Therefore I've decided to go ahead and quickly redo her moveset.

(Dragon Claw, Wild Charge, Flamethrower, Coil, Double Team, Light Screen)
Changed to
(Dragon Tail, Wild Charge, Super Fang, Coil, Double Team, Superpower)

Oh right. Before I forget--I decidedly chose Torn Zero as the second GM for Pokemon Fallout. He'll be helping me out with stuff around here, especially regarding approving SUs since second opinions are ever so useful there.
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