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Hiya mrsnuggles, welcome to PC!

We are indeed one of the very best Pokemon communities out there, so I'm glad to see you joined. <3 The Game Development and Emulation sections here are pretty great here though; lots of members join because of one of those at first, myself included. n_n But I branched out later down the road and am now active in other sections~!

PC gaming is my favorite kind of gaming, personally. I'm not too into consoles besides the smaller ones like the DS. Computer games are a lot funner for me, though lots are also hard to play because I have a bad graphics card. >:

And don't worry, you'll get the hang of this place in no time if you stick around. :D I was pretty shy too, but after a few months it became much easier to open up.

Anyway, it was great meeting you and enjoy your stay around here, yes? <3

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