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As far as I know they are region locked. Some members have japanese copies and can't play them on american dsi series. I think they said they were region locked in the interview too. I'd have to dig around.
Yes, and as I said in my second post, the Japanese copies of BW1 (and probably Korean games) and BW2 are region locked. This was mentioned on Siliconera for BW1 and Play Asia confirmed that they are region locked for both series, I am not disputing that.

My main focus are on the international versions, so America, Europe and Australia. With BW1, those games were region free on DSi and 3DS consoles (and I can confirm that with 100% certainty), and based on what I've seen, it's likely these games will also be region free as they have the same region code as BW1. : |

That is what I'm trying to say here.
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