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Welcome to PC, Gray! I imagine you as a Gray Vaporeon because of your name and avatar. XD;

No need to be shy, we're all very friendly here, I can guarantee you that. :3 Just make sure to give the main forum rules a read before posting if you haven't already to ensure you don't make mistakes, all right? But anyway, definitely try to post around a bit instead of lurking~! You'll surely enjoy your time more as an active poster and will meet awesome people in the process. \o/ I'm available to be one of your first friends, if you'd like! :D

You seem like a great person, so I really hope you stick around. I tend to switch between shy and hyper, though usually I'm the former haha. But there's no need to be shy here; we'd love to have you keep popping in and posting! We don't bite~

But yeah, enjoy your stay here and feel free to contact me if you need help, okay?

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