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Yes! A club to satisfy my Pokemon Creepypasta needs!

Name: Psystar63
Pick a pokemon from the list: Eevee
What's your favorite Pokemon creepy topic?: Whitehand and BuriedAlive. A zombie in Pokemon games????
Do you have a favorite character from a Pokemon Creepypasta?: LEAF and Lonliness the Eevee from Abandon Lonliness. Ghost from Creepy Black is cool too.

Have you listened to the original version of Lavender Town music? If so, how did you feel?
The first time I heard the Lavender Town theme music was back when I was little, playing Gold. I didn't think much of it- I actually kind of liked it. I never heard the original version of the Lavender Town music until now when I began playing Blue on my Laptop... My gosh, once you hear it, you never forget it.
Listening to it is rather unnerving for me. If I turn it up too loud or wear headphones, it actually starts to hurt my ears a bit.
And it gets REALLY CREEPY when you listen to it slowed down.
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