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Hello everyone, I have had a few really busy days really busy week but I'm back now and hoping to catch up with everything in time. I agree with everything that TornZero had to say about your characters and will add them to the OP soon. Lt. Col. Fantastic, maybe it would help if you talked to me about your powers while planning them. Watch this space as very soon there will be a sneak preview of the two other characters.


I: Normal Form

Name: Kara Thompson

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sin: Envy

Virtue: Diligence





II: Holy Form




III: Hell Form

Appearance: In her Hell form Kara takes the form of something that looks like a leech. He body changes shape becoming slug like and her size can change drastically, depending on how empoewered she is. Her skin becomes black and gains a thick layer of protective ooze, while her eyes glow a deep shade of green.

In her smallest form she is the size of a real leech and her mouth looks almost human, even though it is to scale with her form, though her tongue turns silver. As she grows her mouth changes from being human to being a massive maw filled with teeth, her tongue grows long and thin. Along it's length it grows barbs and by the time she reaches her full size she is able to flick it out to pull people into her gaping mouth and gnashing teeth. Her full size is about twelve feet long and six feet tall, but is rare for her to be able to reach this size.

Emotional Feeding: Kara's hell form feeds on negative emotions. As negative emotions are it's food source it can sense them in the air. When it finds a large amount of negative emotion she can breathe them in to grow larger and heal minor wounds. The larger her form gets the more quickly it burns through it's energy so Kara isn't able to stay in her larger forms fro too long.

This ability is always active even in her human form, meaning that upon transformation her starting size will depend on the negative emotions of those round her. Feeding upon negative emotions darkens Kara's mood and makes her a worse person, though only while in her hell form. Kara is unable to feed off her own negative emotions as they are “contaminated” and would weaken her if she did so.

Protective Slime: In here demon form Kara's body envelopes it's self in a layer of ooze. This slime protects her in a number of ways. It makes her harder to catch, grab or wrestle with. Additionally she is resistant to heat and fire to a degree.

Charming Voice: While in here smaller modes, Kara gains the power to charm people with her silver tongue. She can attempt to convince someone to do her bidding by whispering in their ear. This is not always effective but works almost al the time on people harbouring negative emotions. There is a catch however when Kara charms someone she contaminates their emotions so for a while she will no longer be able to feed from them. As a rule of thumb Kara cannot feed off someone who is currently charmed by her. Charmed people do not think normally and will forget everything they do whilst charmed.

Mouth Weaponry: Kara's greatest offensive weapon is her mouth when she grows to full size. She losses the power to charm people but gains teeth capable of crushing bones and tearing through flesh. Her tongue becomes a weapon in it's own right as she is able to use it to pull people in.