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Originally Posted by ~Sia~ View Post
Hello, everyone. I've joined here after much browsing through your forums, and I'm hoping to make some new acquaintances here that I could perhaps battle or trade with, although I don't have the best collection of Pokemon for either activity. I'm also very interested in the challenges here; there are a few I've had my eye on for quite a bit, and I'm planning on joining.

I'm a long time fan of Pokemon, with my first game being the classic Pokemon Yellow version that I picked up at a yard sale. From then, I was happily engaged in all kinds of Pokemon activities, from trading cards to plushie collecting. I have since been in and out of this craze, but I'm hoping to find some more excitement with some activities on this forum. It's very nice to meet you all.

I'll see you all around!

Hello Sia, welcome to PC.

I have to say your username sounds very similar to the name of an Australian singer, but I think it's cute.

I've been into Pokemon since 1999, when I first watched the anime at age 7. I went for a long time without playing the games until I finally got Ruby in 2003 and man I was excited when I played it. Even though my team was weak and redundant (yeah, I was a noob) I still managed to beat the main story.

Then came 2008 when I started playing 4th Gen when I got an Ice Blue Nintendo DS Lite and Pokemon Pearl. 2009 saw me start playing Platinum, I have since restarted and I currently have 4 Gym Badges. I also got to play SoulSilver in 2010 (where I started with Cyndaquil) and I managed to beat the main story there as well.

Finally, for my 19th birthday in October 2011, I started 5th Gen with Pokemon Black. I was heavily excited for this generation and I started with my beloved Oshawott and beat the main story in just 13 days. I'm still playing Black until I get B2/W2, which I plan to do later this year.

As Cirno said, you'll run into loads of discussions and fun at PC, ranging from Pokemon games to anime to off-topic stuff. Have a fun time here at PC and make sure to VM me, OK?

Well, have fun!

- Hikari10
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