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Wow, I just realized how much more harder it is for me to get one script down, when I was able to do 3-4 types of scripts for FireRed. Anyway I just wanna be able to do a test script for within the Safari Zone, if you saw in the Skeetendo Forum, I posted a pic of a redesigned version of the unused Safari Zone and I wouldn't put anything special in it, just a place you can visit, as well as catch Pokemon in the back, kinda of like the National Park, only this one is in Kanto and is much smaller XD

Anyway if I wanna be able to get more event data to work within there, would I wanna repoint the Map Event Data to maybe the National Park's since the Safari Zone uses the tiles and block data from the National Park. Because really learning how to repoint data is pretty much the barrier thats in my way before I can get into scripting. XD
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