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Quote originally posted by firelife:
Hey there guys, made an account because I am just too frustrated not to ask at this point. I believe I have an older incomplete version of the game, because I have gotten all the way to pacifilog, and I can't get into esau's gym. There is a lady blocking the way, and a little kid won't give me the air treks. I would REALLY not like to have to restart. I am using VBA, is there ANY way to get the full version of the game, and start at my last save on this one? Or am I missing something about making that lady disappear?
Fortunately for you there is a process:
patch the clean Ruby ROM with the latest Snakewood ips file. Rename you old save exactly like the new one. Play n Enjoy !!!

Quote originally posted by pixelman64:
This hack is so cool! But one quick question, what are DENJUU? Didnt they come with Pokemon hack or something?
Denjuu's are just a different game characters implemented by Cutlerine into this hack as sort of Fakemons
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