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Originally Posted by firelife View Post
Hey there guys, made an account because I am just too frustrated not to ask at this point. I believe I have an older incomplete version of the game, because I have gotten all the way to pacifilog, and I can't get into esau's gym. There is a lady blocking the way, and a little kid won't give me the air treks. I would REALLY not like to have to restart. I am using VBA, is there ANY way to get the full version of the game, and start at my last save on this one? Or am I missing something about making that lady disappear?
Fortunately for you there is a process:
patch the clean Ruby ROM with the latest Snakewood ips file. Rename you old save exactly like the new one. Play n Enjoy !!!

Originally Posted by pixelman64 View Post
This hack is so cool! But one quick question, what are DENJUU? Didnt they come with Pokemon hack or something?
Denjuu's are just a different game characters implemented by Cutlerine into this hack as sort of Fakemons
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