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I'm a bit worn out from answering the same critique time and time again about the DS version of this game so I'm just going to say it one last time: this is still being developed for RMXP until the day comes (if it does) where the game can be ported over for the new engine and program built for DS, which is currently already almost as far developed as Essentials is. No time has been taken away from working on the RMXP version. None. So if the DS engine does not work then I have everything I've ever worked on related to this game still available. Nothing is lost by attempting to do what has never been done, nothing. So please, not as a moderator of this section, but as a developer of this game, please stop throwing negative comments at the team's efforts to bring this game to the DS. It's getting rude at this stage, I've asked on several occasions for the discussion on the sense and plausibility of it to cease. Had you read my original post in saying that the engine is nearly finished, not jus starting, you'd understand that this is not just a dream floating in the wind of the game's development.

If the engine doesn't work out, you can say "well I knew that would happen", but if it does then you'll have a game for the DS rather than just a .exe for the PC. The RMXP version is still being worked on and not losing attention. End of story. You're welcome to disbelieve the integrity of what I'm saying, but I'm just asking that you give us a chance to emplore some innovation. I'm not letting it delay a release so there's nothing to argue.

Last note is that I'm just going to delete or ignore any comments which are continuing to argue what platform this should it should not be on. I do appreciate concern but in all honesty the posts about positive suggestions and additions to the game are being ignored because of all this. So with the next update which should be some time this week I promise to get back to some of the posts you guys made, I'm not ignoring or skipping them.

So with that, I hope we can get back on track with discussion about the game and just end discussion on platforms, and just have a little faith in the Phoenix Rising team. You can always send me a PM if you want to take anything further in the light of platforms and such about the game. But notice, the prefix on this thread remains RMXP, not DS.