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Spark realized that the girl had ears and a tail, "How had I not noticed that before, dammit." She grumbled. She went through her bag for some clothes, "Quick put these on, you'll attract smugglers. I don't have time to explain, just try not to look like a spirit kid." There wasn't much time, Spark knew that if smugglers took notice then there was no getting away. Suddenly Arc went down, then Aria, and Spark felt a sharp pain on her head, Now we've done it.

Spark woke up with a sack over her head, she could feel the ground shaking, We're in a truck, that means we must be heading to an adult city. Spark felt sick to her stomach, she couldn't hear anyone else in the truck so she deduced that they were in the back. She tested her arm, They have chains!? Who are we messing with, no scum smuggler has chains and a truck.

"Are either of you awake?" No answer from Arc.

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