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Winter Olympics 2014 - USA Team

#1 - Star Player, Beartic, is strong and suited for harsh winter weather.
Moves (Superpower, Icicle Crash, Stone Edge)

#2 - Cheerleader, Simipour, is arguably the most cheerful-looking Pokemon and has long flowing hair.
Moves (Work-up, Swagger, Acrobatics

#3 - Mascot, Chandelure, represents the essential Olympic torch.

#4 - Fan, Braviary, is an eagle, that represent the American people.

#5 - Band, Galvantula Has eight arms to aid in a one-man band, not to mention it powers the amps.
Moves (Bug Buzz, Swagger)

#6 - Sponsor, Serperior, along with the Hiltons and Donald Trump, is a smug millionaire who has made a contribution to the team.

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