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The October Monthly Quest!!

Happy October! In honor of Halloween, this month's quest will require you to:

A) Obtain a black or orange shiny, and
B) Obtain a Dark- or Ghost- type shiny.

These may be done in any order. Don't get too scared hunting! :D

The shinies must be obtained by yourself in an Advanced generation game (or newer), and no chaining or hacking is allowed. The contest lasts until midnight EDT on October 31, 2012.

Good luck and have fun!

It looks like the September Quest is going to allow Sapphire-exclusives! Thanks for participating in the poll!

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Hey, G? you need a better Potato


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a third Meowth

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*May the shine be with you*
Welcome to the club, ipod! "lol"

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a shiny Bouffalant, a shiny Watchog and a shiny Tympole

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Hey there! I'd like to join!
Welcome to the club!

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shiny male wurmple
Congrats! Cool nickname.

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SR on Black Version right now. Going for Tepig. I decided Emboar has a cool shiny sprite. Just out of curiosity, how do you guys keep track of SRs and Eggs count?
I use a calculator and hit "0," "Enter," "+1," and then you can just hit Enter for each encounter. When REing in B/W, you can use the back of your trainer card, as long as you save before turning off the game.
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