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Hi KingEddy, I'm Psystar63! Welcome to the PC forums! Many new members here join because of their interests in hacking Pokemon ROMS. I myself joined after a few weeks of lurking because I was interested in ROM hacking. I assume you already know the places to go for all your hacking needs. And just so you know, I will be glad to help out anyway I can with your hack, graphic wise anyway; I'm a total noob with scripting
Right now I'm working on my own hack, but I'm also helping others out with creating sprites. If you need any help with sprite-making, just send a VM my way!
Oh, I also do Titlescreens, now that I've finally fixed mine up!
My latest Titlescreen Pokémon Nova Version by HaxsaurusRex

The Point Above the Clouds | pm | vm | Photobucket

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