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Hi there Matt, and welcome aboard to PC!

You got one interesting intro there. :D I'm also a gamer and a writer as well. In terms of writing I'm just a roleplayer..don't you just love it when your imagination goes crazy when you write? Anyways, YOU LOVE JOSH GROBAN OH MY GOD I LOVE JOSH GROBAN AHHH <3

I'm a Steelers fan myself...but I respect the Vikings. xD No rivalry there! We have the Roleplay Corner, as I am also a roleplay too! And we love to have you around! There's a few roleplays who are accepting players right now, and I can tell you which ones I recommend you to join!

Anyways, as you can tell, we're really welcoming, and you will feel at home once you begin to explore! Be sure to read the rules, and contact my friend Cirno if you have any questions, ok! Have fuuuun :D
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