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In Diamond, I was lucky enough to run into a shiny Mightyena right off the bat with the Pokeradar (no chaining needed). My first ever shiny in Gen 4. I nicknamed him Howl.

While EV training in the Old Chateau I found a shiny Gastly. His nickname is Shadow!

In Platnium I caught a shiny Meditite as I was level grinding for the Eterna Gym. He's now a shiny Medicham.

And I was also pretty lucky with the Pokeradar in Platnium when I found a shiny Chatot only after one chain.

Since then I've been breeding for shiny Pokemon in my Diamond game. I try to find shinies every now and then through chaining, but I can never seem to continue my chain over 35. So I just breed like crazy. Some of the shinies I've gotten are:

...Who knows how many eggs I've actually received in total. I remember filling up about 3 boxes full with Charmander eggs. And I've still never managed to hatch a shiny Pichu.
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