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Originally Posted by Sir Red View Post
Hey to all you forum goers. I'm Sir Red, but most of my friends call me Matt.

I'm a sixteen year old, English high school student who is starting college in two years. I'm a huge fan of the Pokémon series (otherwise I wouldn't be here xP) and of the Legend of Zelda series, though I mostly play a variety of video games. I'm a budding artist and author. I hope to improve in both aspects during my time here on the forums. Music plays a large role in my life. Although my own musical talent hovers somewhere around zero, I love everything from Japanese metal bands to Josh Groban. I also enjoy sports, such as track and football, to name a few. If I can't be physically taking part in them, I'm watching them on television. I should mention that the Minnesota Vikings are my favorite team. Anyhow, I also enjoy a good text-based roleplay in the long run. I have gained a fair amount of experience from other sites I've played on and all I can say is that this one looks promising.

I'm not to fond of introductions, being shy, but find it polite to do them anyway, due to being polite. I guess I'm not a complete noob because I had done a bit of lurking beforehand. But, I hope that I can make some friends and that you'll all welcome me into your community!
Hello Sir Red. Welcome to PC.

Everyone here is really friendly, and there's loads of fun to have here! PC only recently turned 10, such a shame you missed the celebration. Just like you, I used to lurk PC before officially joining.

I'm from Australia, and I have been into Pokemon since I was 7. The thing I love about Pokemon is that it's a franchise that still keeps me going, even though I just hit 20 I never plan on giving up anytime soon.

Based on the fact you love music and sports, I might recommend the Culture & Media section for you, but make sure you browse around and see what you like.

Enjoy your stay and feel free to contact me or a staff member if you have any issues!

- Hikari10
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