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Quote originally posted by Toujours:
It's a liquid silly! It mixes just fine with soda, as do a lot of things. Similar to the apple vodka/mountain dew combination, I really enjoy fruit punch vodka and orange soda. You can't even taste the alcohol, lmao.
lol I meant the other kind of coke but whatever :P
I imagine that I would much rather have normal Jello or Jigglies rather than jello shots. But then again, I've never tried one to begin with, so it might be the only type of alcohol I'll even consider. :3

The most extreme I go with drinks is probably ice water or green tea (I know, I'm so badass with my disregard for safety) so drinks aren't that much of my interest. I hate soda, juice, sparkling water, pretty much anything that isn't water, which even I find kinda weird.

Though alcohol(s) are a thing of interest to me. I like the smell of isopropanol, and I feel strangely at home when I see a chemical formula for an alcohol (or any carbon-based compound, for that matter). Tbh my favorite chemical groups based on feelings have to be the ketones and alcohols.

annnnnnd I don't know what I'm talking about.
did u no there r 21 letters in the alphabet
o i forgot 5