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Quote originally posted by JaySawn:
Why should I be ashamed to buy a pokemon game...Tbh it should be a 13 and up , with all the mechanics/strategies...

You really think a 12 and under kid is gonna beat some guys on RM with an un-prepared team? Or rng a shiny , flawless or shiny and flawless poke?

It takes patience , determination and good comprehension to understand rng , it ain't easy

And it takes time to make that battle-team a winner ; with understanding each and every opponent's battle-style/strategy , type advantage/disadvantages , moves to use , and stats to give that upper-edge in battle when you need it most .

Pokemon ain't a kids game , get your facts right or face my groudon's 2094.4 lbs. body!

~ Jay

I agree, The games are total strategy.

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