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Welcome to PC, Matt~! :3

We all love Pokemon here (of course) and many of us are gamers. I'm mostly a PC gamer though since I don't really have a TV in my room, and no TV = no big systems to play games on. ;_; But my DS Lite is enough for me, so it's all good~! Since you like video games, why not explore the video gaming section?

Aaand as stated already, we have an amazingly fun and active roleplaying section around here, so definitely get involved in that! I want to roleplay too, but I tend to get lazy and forget to reply to roleplays sometimes, so maybe it's for the best that I don't join one quite yet. XD; Well, someday, someday!

You'll definitely make friends; I can be one of your first if you're interested! If you stick around, you'll run into plenty more great people. So yeah, it was wonderful meeting you and hopefully I keep seeing you around~
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