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Originally Posted by pkmn.master View Post
Back again after a rough homecoming week at school. I have been working on the Normal attack sound effects and I am pleased to say that they have all been ripped (excluding the attacks that use Pokemon cries such as Roar or Howl). I have ripped and placed them all in a zip file here:
Please update the wiki page.

The filesize is large though (20 MB) - after all, normal type attacks compose roughly 1/4 of all moves. The good news is that I am 1/4 the way done in ripping all sound effects! Another note, all of the sound effects are from Black/White. Who ever will rip the graphics, try to rip the ones from Black and White or BW2, since these will be more compatable with the sound.
Oh man, been there. Right now I'm knee deep in course work

Anyways, good job pkmn.master! I'll put these up on the wikia immediatly. So far, Seth Pegasus and myself expressed interest in ripping graphics. The problem, however, is that we don't know how! Know where we can find a good tutorial? I can convert the attack rips into animation sheets that essentials can read; but I don't know how to actually get the rips in the first place!

The_end also said he'd lend a hand ripping attacks. I messaged him on deviantart, but so far he hasn't responded. I hope he'd still planning to help.
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