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There is a new event in the Challenge section if you haven't already seen it! Here's an actual update for this challenge now.

Player: Sydian
Game: Sapphire
Badges: 5

Nica / Sceptile (f) lv. 39 @ Miracle Seed
Leaf Blade, Dig, Pursuit, Quick Attack
OT: Sydian

MAKIT / Hariyama (m) lv. 37 @ Quick Claw
Vital Throw, Fake Out, Smellingsalt, Rock Tomb

NAPOLEON / Octillery (m) lv. 37 @ Charcoal
Surf, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Psybeam
OT: SETH (old Colosseum file...we're talking 2004 lol)

paired to klippy