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Originally Posted by joeyhuab View Post
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About the K-12 system, I don't really know cause hindi ko naabutan.

Haha, sinabi mo pa kaya lng parang inangkop na rin kami sa bagong grading system kahit d i kami naabutan.

Translation: Yeah, you said it. But, it's like they used the new grading system with us as well.

Originally Posted by Ashist_Wilketch_mark_april View Post
Sa wakas! Muling nabuhay ang thread na ito!oh! I'm so glad to see this thread again!
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Hi there Ash I didn't know you were a Filipino... xD

Also new topic.
What do you think about Pacquiao vs. Marquez IV?, Will it end up in another controversial decision?
- For me I think it will a comeback for Pacquiao but, I also think more people will be bored for watching the same fighters all over again. They just want Pacquiao and Mayweather on the ring to settle things once and for all...