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Welcome to those who joined! I JUST edited the list, so I should have everyone with their Pokemon by now! I am also keeping track of your starter Pokemon in case you pass 10 posts in this club, it'll evolve! :D

Originally Posted by Rambagos View Post
Name : Rambagos
Partner Pokemon: Turtwig and Ferrothorn
Password: Torterra, used Leaf Storm :D
Topic Answer: Grass-types are naturally green. It was my favorite color. All of grass Pokèmon are strong and amazing. I always put a grass Pokèmon in my party such as when I played Pokèmon Diamond. I choosed Turtwig as my partner. After a whole day playing, I always bring my best Pokèmon. They are Torterra and Roserade. Hemmm.. they really helpfull for taking out another trainer. I have a nice strategy when I was using Grass Pokèmon attacks. First, another Pokèmon set up a sunny day. Then I changed them with Roserade. And blast all of the enemy with Solar Beam. Wow, so powerfull! (WoAo)W

I think thats all. Sorry for messy English xD Please accept me at this club. I'll try to active in this club.
**I love Grass-Pokèmon**
Of course I will accept you into this club! No doubt about that! Welcome aboard! It seems that Sunny Day is very helpful to grass-types, especially with the move Solarbeam, even though it is considered a fire-type move, it's a best friend to every grass-type.

Originally Posted by Aryan143 View Post
Username: Aryan143
Partner Pokemon: Treecko and Roserade
Password: Leaf Storm
Topic Answer: I mostly use Grass Type pokemon in the game because they can be very useful. Some people don't consider Grass type pokemon in a team because most of the time, they are weak in most of the gyms. But I always take Grass Type pokemon in my team because of their Status moves.

And a userbar that I made:

I really appreciate the contribution. One small favor though: can you make it smaller? It's too wide for it to be on signatures. Once you can fix that, I'll add it to the first post.

Originally Posted by mrsnuggles View Post
Partner Pokemon: OMG This was such a hard choice >.<
y guess they would be chikorita & Leavanny
Password: Leaf Storm
Topic Answer:
I am not really sure why i like grass types but I would have to say It has something the do with my infatuation with the color green I just love it <3<3<3<3<3 & also because i Find grass types to generally have the most eye pleasing design,not to mention I find it always necessary to have a grass type :3
Was it a hard choice that you chose the same Pokemon I did? xD I kid, I kid. Great to see someone else who likes the same Pokemon as I do! I know, I like grass-types too. It was hard to decide what to choose for my partner!

Infatuation with the color green = PRICELESS.